Cancer Research UK have announced a new Chief Executive to replace Sir Harpal Kumar, who is stepping down this summer.


Michelle Mitchell OBE has been CEO of the MS Society since 2013. Under her leadership, there has been a 40% increase in access to effective MS treatments and she has developed a £100m research fundraising appeal.

Before joining the MS Society, Mitchell’s previous leadership roles were as Director General of Age UK and Chair of the Fawcett Society. She is also a non-executive director of NHS England, and has been a trustee of The King’s Fund and the Power to Change Trust.

Mitchell has a BA in Economics, an MA in Politics and Administration and an International Executive Diploma from INSEAD. Michelle is an alumna of the Innovations in Government Programme at Harvard University JFK School and of the Strategic Perspectives in Non-profit Management programme at Harvard Business School.

Here at Race 4 Truth we would like to offer our congratulations to the incoming CEO on assuming what will be a very challenging role.

Not least among the challenges she faces are tackling the the charity’s lack of transparency, low integrity, and the hypocrisy of its leadership over recent years. As an OBE, we know she is willing to accept recognition for her exceptional achievements, we hope she will she be more prepared to also recognise the achievements of others than the outgoing CEO who has been criticised for accepting recognition while not affording it to others.


  1. Neil Archer

    Sounds like the last CEO has done a”Runner” before the Race 4 Truth catches up with him and his cronies.

  2. D Hallett

    Thank you. Having joined the race for life with some work colleagues about 10 years ago in remembrance of one of our team, I had long wondered why, if the events are run by volunteers, participants find the sponsors, run the race (usually on grounds offered freely by local authorities etc), collect the money and send it to race for life, (in effect do all the work), is the entry fee so expensive? But, like a lot of people feel we dare not comment for fear of sounding mean and harsh or “just incase it may be our turn next” which actually it was for me in 2014 but, so far so good.
    Am appalled at the CEO and the way Jim Cowan has been treated. is this widely known?

    1. jimandkim Post author

      Hi, and thank you for taking the time to read and comment on our site.
      While we are trying to get this more widely known, it is a battle. The media appear uninterested and the upper echelons at CRUK show know interest in doing the right thing. We won’t be silenced though and hope that the media will pickup on Jim’s story at some stage.
      We have written to the new CEO who replied stating that CRUK do not recognise the creators of any of their events. To our knowledge, Race for Life is the only one created by an outside agent (i.e. not an employee) so we find this response a little disingenuous. It is also exactly the same response as that of their Chairman and of their previous CEO. Despite 25 years of lying about the origins of the event, it appears they lack the integrity to correct those lies.
      We have shared the CEO’s response with Jim who has told us he has written separately but is still awaiting a reply. We will report more fully on both CRUK’s reply to us and to Jim (if he sees fit to share) when we hear more.
      Thank you again.

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