We are grateful to everyone who supports our campaign but ask that if you decide to stop supporting Cancer Research UK (as some already have) this does not mean you stop funding vital research into finding treatments and cures for cancer.

Most, if not all, of us have been touched by cancer. Indeed, it was the news of the cancer diagnosis which eventually took his father’s life which started Jim Cowan on the path which led to his creating the Race for Life. Jim would give anything to have had more months, more years with his dad and would strongly advocate supporting research into the disease so fewer people have to go through what his father, he, and his family went through.

Fortunately, there are other charities, charities with integrity, funding and carrying out research into treatments and cures for cancer. And the good news is that these charities are already carrying out life changing and life saving research. All they need to continue doing this invaluable work is your support.

So, let’s not make the campaign to get Cancer Research UK to stop the lies about the Race for Life’s origins into one which negatively affects research into the disease.

By all means stop supporting Cancer Research UK, by all means protest their lies and their lack of integrity, but please, continue to support research into cancer through other, more honest charities.

Below are links to three UK based charities funding and conducting research into cancer. If you know of others, please provide details and links by replying to this article:

The Institute of Cancer Research

Worldwide Cancer Research

World Cancer Research Fund